Milano da bere (Milan to Drink)

More than forty years have passed and yet every now and then the joke still pops out: “Milano da bere, Milan to drink”. Ironic but at the same time nostalgic, an expression of a Milan that, perhaps, is no more. But what exactly does “Milano da bere” mean? Story has it that it is a […]

Lombardy’s wagyu

Our journey inside Milanese cuisine takes us today to discover Lombardy’s wagyu, one of the latest additions to the list of native prized ingredients. Until a few years ago, enjoying a kobe beef rib-eye steak from the wagyu breed required spending mind-boggling amounts of money, if not even traveling to Japan. Since 2016, however, wagyu […]

The story of the Mondine

October is the month for harvesting rice, staple ingredient of many fall recipes as well as the quintessential Milanese dish, Milanese saffron Risotto. In the collective memory of our country, work in the rice plantations is associated with the Mondine, female seasonal workers who provided labor before the mechanization of agricultural work, leaving their families […]

Prenota un tavolo da Stendhal