Milan design week 2024: events in Brera

Once again this year, during the week of April 15-21, 2024, the event dedicated to design lovers returns to Milan. The initiative is led by Salone del Mobile, a place of meeting and sharing for more than 2,000 companies, with more than 300,000 visitors expected from all over the world, taking place in the Fieramilano […]

The 5 Best Bars for Aperitivo in Brera

A Milanese institution that has been exported all over the world, the aperitivo is the tradition that that defines the city’s nightlife and brings people together after the offices close their doors, in the twilight hours. Known as the city of finance, of fashion and design, Milan is the cosmopolitan powerhouse of industry that turns […]

Stendhal Blog February Chiaccere

Chiacchiere, make the Carnevale sweet treat at home. The appearance of chiacchiere in Brera restaurant and bakery windows every year heralds the coming of spring and a signal to all that the back of winter has been broken. They are therefore a celebration of the coming light of the season and the end to dark […]

Return of the Schiscetta

When lunchtime rolls around in a Milanese office, workers are divided, between those who do out to eat lunch and those who have brought their own food, in their “schiscetta”. The schiscetta, an iconic steel lunch box, traditionally carried by the city’s industrial workers and full of hot food prepared by their wives or mothers […]

The story of Brera in three Churches

While Brera is characterized by its layers of history, both ancient and modern, interweaving narratives echo from epochs of vastly different circumstances from the downtrodden and humble to the bohemian and cultural, and from the grand excesses of nobility to the endeavors of science. Amidst this rich tapestry, three fixed points on the area’s topography […]

Christmas at Stendhal Bistro

Interweavings of taste, art and culture take form in the centrally located VMaison Boutique Hotel on Via Tommaso da Cazzaniga, a stone’s throw from Brera and Corso Garibaldi. An elegant and sophisticated environment, characterized by a sought-after design capable of combining modern silhouettes and Art Nouveau atmospheres. This is where the brand new Stendhal Bistro […]

“Let’s kill the moonlight!”

The early twentieth century was a time of change; civilized society was permeated by wars, transformations, political turmoil, and new technological and communication breakthroughs such as the telegraph, radio, airplanes, and the first movie cameras; all of which eventually changed the perception of distances completely, catapulting mankind toward the concept of speed. ​​In 1909, following […]

Milano da bere (Milan to Drink)

More than forty years have passed and yet every now and then the joke still pops out: “Milano da bere, Milan to drink”. Ironic but at the same time nostalgic, an expression of a Milan that, perhaps, is no more. But what exactly does “Milano da bere” mean? Story has it that it is a […]

Lombardy’s wagyu

Our journey inside Milanese cuisine takes us today to discover Lombardy’s wagyu, one of the latest additions to the list of native prized ingredients. Until a few years ago, enjoying a kobe beef rib-eye steak from the wagyu breed required spending mind-boggling amounts of money, if not even traveling to Japan. Since 2016, however, wagyu […]

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